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AAPM Takes the Hassle Out of Investment Property Ownership


Getting Started with AAPM is Simple

Let AAPM take the headache out of owning rental property. One of our experienced property managers will visit your property and provide a professional opinion as to potential rental rates based on property location, size, condition and marketability. We will review with you any maintenance/cosmetic defects that may need to be addressed before a tenant can be secured. We can also provide a list or even schedule
services with our trusted vendors upon request to handle your needs. Once the property is ready for the market, we will supply a Lease/Listing Agreement along with our Property Management agreement allowing AAPM the right to place signage, lockbox and extensive internet marketing. If property is priced at market value, clean and in good repair, you can expect us to locate a tenant within 30 to 90 days. Of course we do not guarantee this time frame, but find it to be accurate based on past results.

How Do We Market Your Property?

Internet is where it’s at! Your property will be found on many of the most popular websites available. The following is a sample of sites, but may change without notice:

FMLS,, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, Aol Real Estate, trulia, HGTV Front Door,,,, Realty Trac,, Vast,, HomeWinks, Property Shark, Real Estate Central,,,, Rent Revolution and many more….

We will take pictures and place an estate yard sign to maximize exposure.

Securing a Tenant

For each potential Tenant, AAPM will secure the following:

  • Completed Rental Application
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Income and Employment Information
  • Rental History Verification

Owner Payments and Statements

Rents are considered late if not paid by the 5th of the month. Funds are disbursed to owners based on the method of payment received.

  • Certified Funds, Money Orders or Online Payments received by no later than the 5th will be disbursed on the 10th of each month
  • Personal Checks received by no later than the 5th will be disbursed on the 15th of each month

Owner monthly statements will be available online for your review and records.

*Please note if funds are received late, disbursement date will be adjusted accordingly.

Repairs and Maintenance

You can expect periodic inspections performed by AAPM, allowing you peace of mind in knowing your property is being closely monitored. We provide you with information so that preventive maintenance items can be addressed as well as handle all repairs.


AAPM will prepare and serve demand letters as appropriate and file dispossessory actions within the county where the property is located. We ensure that all notices and actions are in accordance with Georgia law. We will act on your behalf as property manager and be present in court when required for dispossessory actions. Once the court grants the “Writ of Possession”, we assist with removal of tenant’s personal belongings if tenant does not vacate the property within an acceptable time frame.

Service Summary

Our expert property managers are successful at taking the frustration out of leasing and helping to alleviate the hassles of being a landlord. We are your eyes and ears and act on your behalf marketing your property, screening potential tenants, protecting your interests via contract management, collection of rents, enforcing leases and taking calls on repair issues. Bottom line, we treat your property as if it was our own!